K1 Level 2 Evo X Karting Suit

K1 Level 2 Evo X Karting Suit
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  • Item #: RS2X
The Evo X kart racing suit is a Level 2 homologation karting suit that incorporates a host of features specifically designed to make you more comfortable on the track. With breathable nylon mesh located in the shoulders, on the chest, under the arms and on the inner thighs, the Evo X circulates air throughout your suit to keep you cool on the track, which allows you to concentrate on the task of racing rather than your discomfort (we feel that the Evo X kart racing suit works especially well in conjunction with our CoolMax® shirt and balaclava). Our karting suit also features a lower back stretch panel as well as elastic in the shoulders for 360 degree freedom of movement, further enhancing the overall comfort and usefulness of the suit. With a terry cloth inner lining and boot cut leg with inside cuff, as well as full ventilation and elastic panels, the Evo X is both a comfortable and functional racing suit. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in our K1 Race Gear products, and we strongly believe that our products are easily comparable, if not superior, to many name-brand products on the market.
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