ESS Fire Suppression Systems: 2.3 Liter AFFF System

ESS Fire Suppression Systems: 2.3 Liter AFFF System
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  • Item #: ESS2.3

The 2.3 liter system is approved by SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMW Club, and others for competition and track days. This is a 3 nozzle system utilizing the ESS T-style nozzle design, a bulkhead tee fitting for two nozzle coverage of the engine compartment, all fittings, stainless steel mounting brackets, pull cable activation, pull cable mounting bracket for easy installation, 10 ft. aluminum tubing, and detailed instructions

This system is a two zone system. It is designed to give protection to two zones in the event of a fire - most commonly the driver and the engine. In place of the engine the fuel cell could be the second zone.

Contact your sanctioning body if you would like to use this system.

New rules for the SCCA Club Racing in 2009 requires a SFI 17.1 Certified fire system in all newly logbooked cars in classes requiring fire systems. Upgrade to a SFI 17.1 fire system for just $15.00. Additionally, SCCA will allow the club racer to use the ESS refill kits without requiring any re-certification. This is a great advantage for the club racer over any other system since if they are fired, they must be sent back to the factory to be refilled and re-certified.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent coverage through the use of the new T-style nozzles
  • Field rechargeable in under a half hour
  • Easy to remove for technical inspection
  • Upgrade to SFI-Certification for $15.00
Price $413.00
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