Cool Shirt Round System

Cool Shirt Round System
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  • Item #: RS-H-10

The compact Cool Shirt Round System was designed for those drivers who have limited space and need a system with a smaller footprint. The threaded lid makes it easy to fill and drain while virtually eliminating spills. This versatile system is very portable and a track favorite of weekend warriors, Porsche owners, Spec Miata and others who want quality cooling from a compact unit.

The Cool Shirt Round System comes with a 10qt cooling unit with an internal pump which supplies cooled water to the shirt through 8ft of double insulated hose with automatic shutoff / quick disconnects. The optional Temperature Control Switch gives the driver complete control of their comfort while in their race car. Total weight for the Cool Shirt Round System is only 3lbs.

H 13” x Diameter 8.5” Weight 3 lbs Cooling 2+ Hours 1.8 Amp 12 Volt

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Price $428.00